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Top  Vallejo Restaurant Mistakes:

  • No Business Plan
  • Bad Location
  • Bad Layout
  • Wrong Equipment
  • Bad Capital
  • High Expectations
  • Operations/ Bad Management

We Can Save You Money!

  • Plans
  • Renovation
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Interior Design
  • FOH Equipment
  • Floor Plan Design
  • Operations

Fact: 60%+ of Vallejo Restaurants fail in first year, because they have planned poorly in the begging stages of the project. Scott Reed restaurant consultants work hard to ensure from the beginning EVERYTHING is perfect!

With our unique system, we can pin point exactly how much money we can save you! If you have project details click below to see how much you can save.


Scott Reed Vallejo Restaurant Consulting and consultants are the best in the Vallejo Restaurant industry! Our professional DesignEquipment, and Renovation staff applies its unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients to develop restaurant designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. We’ve created an industry standard for effective and affordable restaurant design services in Vallejo Vallejo, all based on our operating philosophy of learning as much about our client’s business through extensive research.

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Restaurant Consultant Design Process Vallejo 

We begin the process with an analysis of potential seating capacity for the space available. We also work closely with the client to determine furniture and restaurant equipment required whether its brand new or used; typically if you choose to buy new restaurant equipment you already lost money. We also narrow down on the style or motif the client desires, the anticipated needs of the service staff and overall budget requirements.

Scott Reed's Restaurant Design and consulting in Vallejo then create a layout of the food service floor plan for client approval, along with a preliminary used/ new restaurant equipment and furnishings budget. Once the floor plan is finalized, plans are prepared via CADD for health department and other required approvals.

The next step is Interior Design Development, which includes color schemes, fabrics, furniture, finishes and fixtures. This is a critical step in creating the overall atmosphere of the facility, leading to the establishment of the facility’s brand identity. The restaurant design process culminates with detailed construction drawings that integrate all aspects of the interior design, architectural features and other elements to assist the client, architect and contractor through the final construction phase.

Our Restaurant Consulting philosophy is that our clients know their business and we know ours, and that by combining our shared expertise we will produce a design that is not only operationally successful, but cost-effective.
Our years in the food service industry throughout Vallejo and  Vallejo in general have taught us another important fact: What is good for one client may not be the answer for another. That’s why we’ve also created separate charges for each individual aspect of the design process, enabling you the flexibility of selecting the services most appropriate and affordable for you and your business. Our “menu” concept of design services – from a simple design requiring a minimum of development documentation to a total “turnkey” design – provides our clients with complete flexibility when it comes to both design and expense.


New Restaurant Equipment Vallejo

When it comes to restaurant equipment and kitchen equipment design and design process Scott Reed's Restaurant Consulting team is the industry leaded of design management and equipment placement! From planning to installation, Scott Reed's Restaurant Kitchen Equipment design will increase productivity, navigation, ease of use, and believe it out not higher revenues. Specializing in maximizing your dollar potential utilizing used restaurant equipment in Vallejo, we have seen some of the most amazing savings and beautiful restaurants succeed with Scott Reed's Used Restaurant Equipment as well as new restaurant equipment if needed. Restaurant equipment projects are not taken lightly as this is one of the most important factors when opening or re designing/ renovation a restaurant.

Used Restaurant Equipment Vallejo  

Scott Reed's Used Restaurant Equipment creates restaurant equipment designs that will maximize space and allow for maximum floor space and user Friendly navigation. We deliver Used and New restaurant equipment projects on time, always in your budget. From design to completion, every used or new restaurant equipment project has personal guidance from our highly trained restaurant equipment professionals.


Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Equipment also offers:

Vallejo CA Restaurant Research

Competition Profiling: Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Kitchen Equipment investigates the process of local customer satisfaction and puts together an analysis of customer competition.

Designs: Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Kitchen Equipment professional design staff applies its unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients to develop restaurant designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. 

Construction: The bottom line is that every restaurant can hit a plateau, and that a well-planned restaurant renovation can present a fresh new look, generating valuable “buzz” about the business and stimulating increased business.

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Vallejo CA Restaurant Development

POS: A POS or Point of Sale scale is a very important piece of equipment for many businesses.

Human Resource Development: To be successful in the ever restaurant industry, you need to maximize the productivity of all human resources: physical, Emotional, financial, and information.

Operation Manuals: Operations manuals save headaches from putting too much on individual employees.

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Vallejo CA Restaurant Implementation

Budgets & Reports: Revenue of a restaurant always has its up's and down's. Adding on top; payroll, vendors, suppliers, Etc.  Specifically a restaurant accountant is the way to go, and you cant go wrong.

Contracts & Insurance: Going to a large law firm where the rates will be higher is out of the question. A smaller firm restaurant attorney at will do fine.

Staff Training: Empowering your wait staff to provide the best possible customer service is an absolute must. With more review websites on the internet you will find most people talk about food and staff. Get a good staff! Do not settle on this one!

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