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Restaurant Research

Written Business Plans: A restaurant business plan is your greatest and most single asset in order for your restaurant design, equipment and layout a dream. If you are working to convince anyone to invest money, take a loan, lease commercial space, a business plan will make or break your restaurant.

Site Location and Review: How important your restaurant location is, depends on your target market and the type of business, the resources you need, as well as where your customers are. 

Competition Profiling: Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Kitchen Equipment investigates the process of local customer satisfaction and puts together an analysis of customer competition.

Layout: We begin the process with an analysis of potential seating capacity for the space available. We also work closely with the client to determine furniture and equipment required, the style or motif the client desires, the anticipated needs of the service staff and overall budget requirements.

Designs: Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Kitchen Equipment professional design staff applies its unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients to develop restaurant designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. 

Construction: The bottom line is that every restaurant can hit a plateau, and that a well-planned restaurant renovation can present a fresh new look, generating valuable “buzz” about the business and stimulating increased business.


Restaurant Development

POS: A POS or Point of Sale scale is a very important piece of equipment for many businesses.

Human Resource Development: To be successful in the ever restaurant industry, you need to maximize the productivity of all human resources: physical, Emotional, financial, and information.

Operation Manuals: Operations manuals save headaches from putting too much on individual employees.

Vendor Relationships: A relationship between a restaurant and all vendors will go a long way! If you maintain an amazing relationship between all vendors you both will succeed.

Employee Related Systems: Increase employee productivity, through multiple streams of interactive programs.

Control Systems: Most people think that their chef is doing everything exactly the way they should be. Cost Control Systems allow you to monitor in real time how much you are spending.

Brand Development: The single most important aspect of who you are, what you do, and what you are about. Create this amazing brand and you will grow far!


Restaurant Implementation

Budgets & Reports: Revenue of a restaurant always has its up's and down's. Adding on top; payroll, vendors, suppliers, Etc.  Specifically a restaurant accountant is the way to go, and you cant go wrong.

Contracts & Insurance: Going to a large law firm where the rates will be higher is out of the question. A smaller firm restaurant attorney at will do fine.

Staff Training: Empowering your wait staff to provide the best possible customer service is an absolute must. With more review websites on the internet you will find most people talk about food and staff. Get a good staff! Do not settle on this one!
Marketing & Public Relations: Finding the right company to handle all of your marketing is crucial. We know some of the best marketing companies that own there own restaurants as of a result from marketing them over the years. Consult with us and we will introduce you.

Customer Development: Rapport Building, Relationship Development, Clientele Development, Sales Strategies, Teamwork, Etc.

Menu Planning: Proper naming of items to fit your restaurant, Design layout to attract the eye to specific areas, going above and beyond on a menu that everyone looks at will increase your bottom line.


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